All about UroGenX

UroGenX is a highly advanced testosterone enhancer formula that is effectual in lifting up the lower rates of testosterone in men. In addition, this formula assists bodybuilders in improving muscle mass and giving high rates of energy for them. This supplement works with D-Aspartic Acid at the same time as a strong component which is fairly well identified the same as an effective as well as an excellent testosterone enhancer. Besides giving a protective dose of DAA, it has various most important components to balance cortisol, testosterone and also estrogen. This product is useful in enhancing the positive effects of testosterone-activating DAA, which gradually builds up in the testes as well as the pituitary gland. The boost in rates of testosterone that it carries triggers increased protein formation in the body, showing the way to important gains in muscle mass as well as power.

Ingredient Overview

This is a non-proprietary combination thus you can notice all the components are evidently mentioned with the quantities in weight shown. At the same time as you can notice D-Aspartic Acid is the most important ingredient, it a potent medicine thus it is sure to obtain your testosterone rates increased. It is best to notice Vitamin D3 in there even though the dose requires being much stronger to provide you the muscle developing advantages.

D-Aspartic Acid

Studies have made known that this strong amino acid increases the rates of testosterone naturally in your body. It plays a vital role in controlling the discharge as well as the formation of the luteinizing hormone and also testosterone in humans.


I truly enjoyed this supplement I observed at the same time as on this supplement my libido greatly enhanced. I never ever noticed a boost in strength at all. Hardness was actually apparent through the 2nd week utilizing UroGenX. By the boost in sex drive alone, I trust this supplement boosts rates of testosterone.

How do I take it?

It is suggested that you take 2 tablets daily in the morning and after that another 2 tablets mid-afternoon or earlier than work out. The phase is 12 days on and after those 3 days off and then repeats. Every bottle of this supplement gives 96 tablets which are sufficient for a 30-day phase.


UroGenX was made in a GMP verified laboratory. GMP certifications make sure that things are carefully made and operated in accordance with superiority standards. GMP deals with all features of making, from the supply materials, capability purity and technology to the education as well as cleanliness of all personnel. In detail, written checklists are important for any process that may impact the worth of the ultimate supplement and at the same time as a result supplements created in GMP verified labs are promised to be of the greatest quality.


Effective ingredients

This supplement has two main components that have been medicinally verified to enhance rates of testosterone, namely DAA as well as Vitamin D. The potent medicine of D-Aspartic Acid providing a whopping 3,120 mg making sure this testosterone enhancer will have some effect. Utilizing this supplement consumers have verified obtaining some extra muscle along with the best training and also nutrition.

Non-proprietary blend

Not like a lot of sports products out there, this one does not utilize a proprietary blend, thus all the components and respective quantities are cited on the label. This indicates there are no bulking agents; you can evidently notice how much of every efficient component you are obtaining.

Highly regarded company

Pharma Freak was initially founded in 2008 by two well-esteemed people in the health as well as fitness globe, Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau. It is currently one of the most famous sports products companies in the industry nowadays. User reviews and also the response to their supplements are chiefly positive.


Vitamin D underdosed

It is the hot component for muscle developing right just with too much research coming in with reference to its anabolic increasing properties. Unluckily the stated medicine is not almost sufficient and at the same time as it will have a slight effect it would not provide you the most favorable impact that this vitamin is able of.

Not enough capsules

Even though the bottle consists of 30-day phase there are only sufficient capsules for 24 repeated days. There actually is no reason for you to phase off for 3 days when it moves towards to natural testosterone increasing products. Thus, this needlessly enhances the price each day of utilizing the supplement.

Additional costs

PharmaFreak support you to get this supplement by their other testosterone enhancer Test Freak to increase the effect. On the other hand, this simply adds the whole price and this one is the more efficient of the two thus you are best off now taking this one. I would have actually liked to have observed them unite all the components into the one supplement instead.

Final thoughts

We actually like this enhancer due to the huge quantity of D-Aspartic Acid which is definite to obtain your testosterone rates increased. The cortisol as well as estrogen controls are the best addition and will surely help you muscle developing aims. User assessments and feedback on trade sites are on the whole optimistic with nearly all consumers noticing outcomes when utilizing this supplement. This product in the summary way could be regarded as good supplement for making body masculine and solid. Terms and conditions are applied and offer of money back is also available for you so be customer of it. Visit the official website of this supplement and be happy in your professional career.

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